I am completely self-taught in terms of computer programming, software and web application development, computer hardware, etc., but, I have, for more than 25 years now, been a full-time web application developer, currently focusing on working with HTML, python using primarily the flask, or django web development frameworks, integrating with postgresql databases, via the SQLAlchemy modules, javascript, etc., in terms of data integration, interaction, etc., and, I am what gets referred to as a hard-coder, which means that, while I can work with some forms of modules, frameworks, technological implementations, etc., I can also develop my own complete packages from scratch, working with other developers from various fields, focus areas, etc.
Besides that current primary focus area, I was previously working with PHP and MySQL for more than 10 years, and I do have experience with having worked with things like C#, ASP.Net, the python programming language in other contexts, and, a few other forms of programming platforms across the years, and, if you'd like more complete details, contact me via this site''s contact form.
However, like stated above, my current primary focus area is web development, making use of python 3.9+, working with a couple of different database platforms, and, working with javascript, and, the jQuery wrapper module most of the time, to handle dynamic content manipulation, in terms of working with HTML5 content, etc., and, this relates to both mainstream, as well as accessible forms of content, and, yes, for example, I am currently the primary, or lead developer, involved in a mainstream project.
Some of my other areas of interest do also relate to forms of audio editing, primarily making use of the cross-platform software package, Audacity, as well as making use of the python programming language to produce forms of utility software packages, and, I do also work with things like the raspberry pi mini-computers, and, am looking into getting properly going with progressive-web-applications that, for example, can run in a manner similar to native applications on modern smart phones, and, there I have also already worked on producing my own RESTful, data-interaction API's relating to providing data-provision interfaces to smart phone software, etc.