This is just my private home page, as well as an occasional test platform, but, it also has info related to my work areas, blind bike riding, focus on lifestyle adaptations, etc. - check out navigational links on left.
Among other things, I manage an open 'free' e-mail mailing list, which is an open discussion forum for all visually impaired/blind people and even sighted people who want to help/learn about them. List is for the discussion of, among other things, lifestyle, related technology, etc. etc. Would like to focus membership in South Africa (hence the ZA part of the name), but not limited.
Anyway, the 'homepage' for the mailing list is:
Alternatively, you can simply send an e-mail to with the word "subscribe" (without the quotation marks), in the subject line and you will automatically receive a confirmation e-mail message.
Also, if you struggle at all, you can simply contact me, and I can subscribe you manually.