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This small piece of software is meant to let you create primary projects/areas of interest, and then, under each of them, you can create sub-projects, or specific pieces of them that you would then be performing activities with regards to.

It includes general information relating to the projects, the sub-projects, and then also allows you to sort of log specific activities/actions carried out relating to specific sub-projects, including a small bit of descriptive information, as well as time period logging, since when you then get it to generate a report for time periods, based on selecting month/time ranges, it will provide totals for the projects, as well as overall activity totals, etc.

This is partly a starting point, and can/will also most likely be modified to handle things like only generating reports for specific projects, etc., since it currently only really lets you choose which types of activities to include in reporting output, but, you could also save the report that renders into a sort of pseudo-dynamic webpage into another content format, to then make use of it in something like a document/invoice, etc. etc.

The download links for the 2 primary different output formats are the following:

In terms of some pseudo-technical information, this piece of software makes use of the relatively cross-platform wxPython library, and uses the sqlite3 module to actually store/access data related to projects, sub-projects, activities, etc., but since this is not initially there, it will, if necessary, create/render a new, clean/empty database file on first execution/run, and if looking into something like the PYC file/option above, you'll also find my HTMLReporting module which contains relatively basic functionality to allow me to render webpage content sort of on the fly, based on adding page components, merging data tables into the output, etc., but anyway.

While can not, and will not offer any warranties, or guarantee's that this bit of software is going to be totally worthwhile, or too useful for anyone besides myself, here's also a link to the source code if you'd be interested in having a look at it, make changes, etc., and the closest to licensing I would apply to any part of this would be the GNU GPL (general public licence):

If you wish to request any further bits of sample code, different/variations of output formats, or more information about specific items of possible interest, or something like a copy of my actual CV, and if you don't have any other contact details for me, you are welcome to just send an email to and I will get back to you shortly.
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