Movie night for blindies - 25 April 2009

Currently busy setting up a movie night for VI/blind people where will be playing a few movie soundtracks for some guys with descriptive narration added in to the normal soundtrack, and we've already found a decent venue where there'll be drinks and food available, and me and the owner have already decided that if sighted guys want to find out how it feels, they're welcome to be there that day, but will have to wear blindfolds as such, but apart from that one, we've also decided that we'll make sure there are a couple of extra people on duty that night/afternoon in order to help all 'blindies' order refreshments, get to the toilet etc. etc.

The venue is a pub/restaurant called Antheo's, and it has both indoor and outdoor sections, and this event will be taking place inside that day.

The date/time for this happening will be on Saturday the 25th of April, starting at around 2PM in the afternoon, and for what it's worth, Antheo's is just off the R25 here in Kempton Park, so it's relatively easy to get to/find, and if you need/want directions or GPS coordinates, you can ask me.

Finally, for that night/afternoon, was also thinking that along the lines of how we used to 'see' movies in the old days, I might start off the occasion with something shorter, and just a bit more entertaining, like narrative audio versions of Tintin books I also have, and then might let the attendees vote on what they want to see/hear afterwards since I have a broad range of types ranging from classic movies, musicals, horror, science fiction, action, romantic, etc. etc.
Blind/VI guys will be getting dinner for free, but will have to pay for their drinks, and the sighted guests will be paying a flat rate of R150 which will include the costs of their dinner, and 'blinkers' (the form of blindfold we're going to make them wear to really experience the whole thing), but they will also have to separately cover the cost of any drinks.
Part of the dinner process will also include a bit of a 'chance' thing where sighted people will try guess what the food is, since they're used to seeing it normally, and part of the idea behind that is to do a bit more than just share the blind movie experience with them.

Any sighted person caught 'peeping' will also have to pay a fine of R20 each time they get caught doing it, and this money, along with part of the total revenue/profit for the day will in fact be getting donated to blind/VI organisations/charities.
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