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My most recent bike ride was on the first weekend of December 2016, and, I did roundabout 2km of full offroad on a Yamaha WR250, out near the Magaliesberg. I just had a friend talking to me using a cellphone - with a slight reception lag - but, was all good, and, they told me I couldn't talk properly for a little while afterwards, since I was similing too broadly. ;)

This website (among other things) is basically a Lifestyle/Technology area.

Here's the direct link to the page relating to my guide dog who has been my constant companion for just over 3 years now.

Among other things, I have already created an open 'free' e-mail mailing list, which is an open discussion forum for all visually impaired/blind people and even sighted people who want to help/learn about them. List is for the discussion of, among other things, lifestyle, related technology, etc. etc. Would like to focus membership in South Africa (hence the ZA part of the name), but not limited.

Anyway, the 'homepage' for the mailing list is:
Alternatively, you can simply send an e-mail to blindza-request@freelists.org with the word 'subscribe' (without the 's), in the subject line and you will automatically receive a confirmation e-mail message.

Also, if you struggle at all, you can simply contact me, and I can subscribe you manually.

I will update all the content of this website soon, but if you would like to contact me in the meantime, you can contact me via this page:
Contact form

'See' you soon!!
Video of me riding a bike!
(you might need to download the latest DivX codec to view it)